Stop Trump from reopening Arctic drilling

The U.S. Senate have just signed a budget allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Meanwhile Trump has signed an executive order to review offshore oil drilling and gas regulations in the US. with the aim of handing more public waters over to industry.

This means the U.S. Government is pushing to open up the Arctic to oil drilling, whether in one of the U.S.’s most loved wildlife refuges, or in the Arctic Ocean itself, or both, with devastating impacts for people, climate and wildlife.

8 million people have fought off the advances of the oil industry to protect the Arctic so far. After huge public pressure, Obama took much of the Alaskan Arctic off the table.

Now Trump is sending a message to invite his oil industry buddies back. We can’t let this happen. Let's remember the incredible beauty and importance of the Arctic, renew our relationship to it, and protect it from reckless oil drilling!

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I’m not going to let Trump destroy the Arctic.

I pledge to stand up to protect the Arctic from reckless oil drilling.


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