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We’re taking Arctic oil to court

The Norwegian government is opening up a new oil frontier in the Arctic for the first time in 20 years.
Burning oil causes climate change that fuels extreme weather and puts people’s homes, health and families in danger.
Millions of people are already supporting the movement against Arctic oil. Join us!

The timeline

APR 2016

Climate Agreement

Norway signs the Paris Agreement and promise to help limit climate change
MAY 2016

New Arctic oil licences

The Norwegian government hands out new oil licenses in the Arctic
AUG 2016

Drilling announced

Norwegian state-owned Statoil announces a massive drilling campaign
OCT 2016

Lawsuit filed

Greenpeace and Nature and Youth hand in lawsuit against the Norwegian government
JULY 2017

Bearing witness in the Arctic

Greenpeace ship is present in the Barents sea for the drilling season
NOV 2017

Court hearing starts

Trial begins. Names and witness statements are submitted as evidence in Court

Court decision

If we win the case will set an international precedent and millions of barrels of oil would stay in the ground


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