The Arctic drilling window opens in just a matter of days and President Obama is feeling the heat. He has personally had to defend Shell publicly twice since we began pressuring him.

We’re very close to stopping Shell and we will not be silenced until Arctic drilling is no longer an option.

WE are 7 MILLION Save the Arctic supporters. WE are people from all over the globe. WE are people from thousands of environmental organizations and EIGHTEEN senators from the President’s own party. WE are taking a stand because the Arctic needs to be protected.

Let’s look at the facts here: 

  • ONE disastrous attempt by Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic in 2012 (resulting in huge fines and felony convictions for one of its contractors)
  • TWO failed Coast Guard inspections on Shell’s oil rigs this year
  • 75% chance of an oil spill if Shell successfully extracts oil in the Arctic
  • 7 BILLION dollars spent and drilling and nothing to show for it 

It’s increasingly obvious that Shell isn’t prepared for Arctic drilling -- and the world will never be prepared. It is too risky and we have all the evidence we could possibly need to prove it.

Sign the petition to tell President Obama not to allow Shell to advance any further.

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Tell Obama to stop Arctic oil exploration!

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